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Brief Introduction of Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd.

       Founded in 1958, Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of high-tech products such as paints, coatings and resins. Over the years, the company has set up Shaanxi Baotashan Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Baotashan New Materials Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Yingfeisheng Trading Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd. Xi'an Branch. , Wuhan Baota Paint New Materials Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Baotashan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries and branches.        After 60 years of development, the company has become the largest paint brand in the western region. Existing alkyd blending varnish, alkyd enamel, steel structure anti-rust paint, industrial paint, water-based paint, heavy anti-corrosive paint, architectural paint, art paint, and other hundreds of varieties, thousands of colors. The annual output is more than 70,000 tons, and the annual sales income is more than 600 million yuan. In 2017, the company's stock was successfully listed on the “New Third Board” and entered the national capital market. “Stock short name: Baotashan paint, code (871887)”. The company takes "Creating a 100-year-old enterprise of coating quality casting" as its corporate vision, and takes "pragmatic innovation, harmony and high efficiency" as its enterprise spirit. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management system certification, 3C compulsory product certification, environmental labeling and architectural coating products. Certification, etc. More than 300 marketing outlets and more than 100 specialty stores have been established throughout the country.        The company's products have been adopted by key projects and industrial projects such as Shenzhou-6 spacecraft, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Dali Tianjun, China Dongfang Electric Group, Qinling Zhongnanshan Tunnel and Erdos Airport. At the same time in the petrochemical, electric power, storage tanks, concrete protection, vehicle modification, underground garage, engineering interior and exterior walls, home improvement and many other fields to provide a wealth of products and professional supporting construction programs.        The company has strong technical strength. The company has 68 professional engineers and technicians, including 1 senior engineer, 3 senior engineers, 1 doctoral student and 7 master students. So far, it has undertaken 9 provincial and municipal science and technology projects, presided over (participation) drafting 10 national or industry standards for the coatings industry, won more than 10 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards, and applied for 22 national invention patents. It has established a paint research and development laboratory with Northwestern Polytechnical University, established a school-enterprise cooperation practice base with East China University of Science and Technology, and signed school-enterprise cooperation projects with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwest University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Shaanxi National Defense Industry College. The Enterprise Technology Center is the only provincial-level enterprise technology center in the coating industry in Shaanxi Province. It is a production, learning and research service organization integrating technology research, practical technology development, national industry professional talent training and skill appraisal.        The Baotashan paint series products have been awarded “China Green Environmental Protection Building Materials”, “National Customer Satisfaction Products” and the “AAA Grade” highest corporate credit rating unit by the China Coatings Industry Association. Baotashan Paint Industrial Coatings has been rated as “China Top Ten Industrial Coating Brands” for six consecutive years, and Baotashan Paint Architectural Coatings has been rated as “China Top Ten Exterior Wall Coating Brands” and “China Top Ten Interior Wall Coating Brands” for three consecutive years. , Baotashan lacquer art paint was rated as "China's top ten art paint brands." In 2015, Baotashan Paint won five awards in the “China Paint Industry Centennial Influential Enterprise (National)” and “China Paint Industry Top 100 Enterprises” and was evaluated by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. It is the home of model workers. In 2016, it was awarded as the winner of the national “Ankang Cup” competition by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the State Administration of Work Safety, and was awarded the Shaanxi Provincial Private Economy Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Enterprise by Shaanxi Provincial Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Bureau, and won the top ten art paints in China. Brand, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of China's outstanding private enterprises in petroleum and chemical industry.        While achieving brilliant achievements, the company has always adhered to the philosophy of serving the society and repaying the society, abiding by national laws and regulations, creating paints as a public responsibility, and always focusing on education and charity. Committed to consolidating the status of leading paint companies in the western region, and striving for the realization of the vision of “creating paint boutique casting a century-old enterprise”!


品牌优势Pagoda Mountain Paint,Careful Painting

  • Craftsmanship

    Baota Mountain Paint Industry Paint has been named China's top ten industrial paint brands for ten consecutive sessions, Baota Mountain Paint Architectural Paint for seven consecutive sessions as China's top ten exterior wall paint brands and China's top ten interior wall paint brands, and art paint has been named China's top ten art paint brands, etc.

  • The ingenuity of lacquer

    Baota Mountain Paint Technology Center is the only provincial enterprise technology center in the paint industry of Shaanxi Province. It undertakes 9 provincial and municipal science and technology projects, presides over (participates in) the drafting of 10 national or industry standards for the paint industry, and obtains 22 national invention patents.

  • Craftsmanship

    Focusing on the goal of production specialization and scale, Baota Mountain Paint continuously optimizes management means, improves production process, introduces domestic and industry-leading automation production lines, and uses first-class production to cast high-quality coatings.

  • Ingenious service

    Work service zero error, customer service zero distance, product service all-weather, is the service concept of Baota Mountain Paint for every customer.


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2018-8-10Wan Enterprise Helping Wancun Advanced Unit

Social Responsibility, People's Backbone: Baotashan Paint was awarded Advanced Unit of Wanqi Bangwancun in Xianyang City          On the morning of August 10, 2018, Xianyang City held a meeting to promote the precise poverty alleviation work of "ten thousand enterprises helping ten thousand villages". It commended the grass-roots federations of industry and commerce, trade associations and private enterprises that contributed to the precise poverty alleviation work. Baotashan lacquer was awarded the advanced unit of Wancun in Xianyang City. Tamei, chairman of Baotashan lacquer trade union, was invited to attend the promotion meeting as a representative. Chen Guangming, the executive vice-minister of the United Front Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, and Yue Liang, the Secretary of the Xianyang Municipal Party Committee, met with representatives of the advanced collective and advanced units in the precise poverty alleviation work of "Wan Qiang Bang Wan Cun" in Xianyang City.        On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Yue Liang, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, expressed sincere condolences and heartfelt thanks to Baota Mountain Paint and other advanced units. He also emphasized the precise poverty alleviation work of the whole city's "ten thousand enterprises helping ten thousand villages", and further strengthened his mission to take the precise poverty alleviation action of "ten thousand enterprises helping ten thousand villages" as a political task, social responsibility and enterprise. Virtue should be grasped. We need to further strengthen the precise strategy and introduce more targeted, effective and popular support measures according to local conditions. We should further strengthen our joint efforts to tackle the difficulties and advocate leading more social forces to participate in the cause of poverty alleviation. We should further strengthen the deep integration, combine village assistance with enterprise self-development, combine short-term blood transfusion with long-term hematopoiesis, and make concerted efforts to fight the hard battle of precise poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation.          At this meeting, Baota Mountain Paint actively responded to the call of the municipal government, thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhered to poverty alleviation as the top priority and the first livelihood project, took the precise poverty alleviation work of "ten thousand enterprises to help ten thousand villages" as the promotion of "two healthy" development of the enterprise economy, and further deepened the "five leading and five struggles". As an important part of the activities, we should be brave in assuming social responsibility and actively implement social obligations.        Baota Mountain Paint has been developing for nearly 60 years, from zero-d independent research and development to product listing. It has also been helped and supported by many local counterparts, the government and the people. Nowadays, Baota Mountain Paint has reached the middle stage of development. While developing enterprises, it actively assumes social responsibility. It also persists in participating in social public welfare activities such as poverty alleviation in the countryside, donation of funds for learning, and devotion of love. It regards repaying the society as its duty-bound responsibility and obligation, and always regards education and charity as its most important. To support the focus, and to "beautify the environment for the benefit of society" as the corporate mission, with the actual dedication of their gratitude to society, as the backbone of the people.  

2018-2-5Public Welfare of Jingyang Elderly Home

Pagoda Mountain Paint Brings Colour to Love The Spring Festival Blessing Event of Jingyang Elderly Home has been successfully concluded Luqiang Media Company        With the approaching pace of spring, the first stop of 2018 was opened when the Spring Festival arrived. On the afternoon of February 5, 2018, Baota Mountain Paint joined hands with the New Social Class Friendship Association of Xianyang City (hereinafter referred to as "New Federation") to enter He Village, Sidi, Xinglong Town, Jingyang County, and sent warm cups and towels and other caring materials to the elderly activity center under construction.        Yang Penggang, deputy general manager of Baota Mountain Paint, jointly organizes and participates in poverty alleviation activities with relevant leaders and members of the New Federation to care about the lives of the elderly and their health. He said: "Filial piety is not only for their parents, but also for all the elderly in society, especially the empty nesters, to make them feel warm all the time."        In recent years, the state attaches great importance to rural construction, invests a lot of manpower and material resources to tackle poverty alleviation in rural areas. Baotashan lacquer bears the heavy responsibility of national paint. In recent years, it attaches great importance to helping rural poverty alleviation. In order to build a new countryside, we have successively provided exterior wall coatings for many townships, helped build beautiful countryside, festivals to condolence the widowed elderly and left-behind children, donated materials for rural campuses, and promoted poverty alleviation in rural areas.        With the 60-year development of Baota Mountain Paint, social responsibility is also a topic of concern to us as well as the operation of enterprises. Pagoda Mountain Lacquer is duty-bound to repay the society. Education and charity have always been the focus of support. With the mission of "beautifying the environment and benefiting the society", the company pays attention to protecting the environment while providing consumers with high-quality products. In 2018, Pagoda Mountain Paint is ready to add color to love. We cherish the dream of painting, Cross Mountains and rivers, go to more places and help more people.

2019-6-30Don't forget to follow the Party at the beginning, and remember the mission of striving for the first place - Feng - Liu Junping, the branch of the government

Don't forget to follow the party at the beginning, remember the mission and strive for the vanguard —— Baota Mountain Paint Visiting and Studying at Liupanshan Red in Huining             Liu Junping, the branch of the organ   In order to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and review the glorious history of the Party, our company has carried out party spirit practice activities, aiming at arousing the patriotic enthusiasm of the Party members, enhancing the cultivation of Party spirit, and promoting the construction of five-star standardization of Party organizations. On June 29, 2019, Party members, reserve members, activists, league leaders and backbone members of the General Branch Committee of Shaanxi Baotashan Painting Co., Ltd. of the Communist Party of China went to the Memorial Hall of the Ninghuai Division of the Red Army in Huining County, Gansu Province. On June 30, 2019, they visited and studied at the Long March Memorial Hall of the Red Army in Liupanshan, Guyuan, Ningxia, and carried out "never forget the first intention". Keep in mind the theme of "Mission" Party Day. The first thing standing in front of us is a memorial Pagoda with 18 characters inscribed by Deng Xiaoping: "Memorial Pagoda of the First, Second and Fourth Divisions of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army". The lecturer, Mr. Li, explained to us that on the morning of October 8, 1936, the three main forces of the First, Second and Fourth Fronts of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army joined forces here, marking the successful end of the 25,000-mile Long March of the Red Army. At that time, the central leadership had held a meeting on the Xijin Gate Building, so in 1958, the Xijin Building was rebuilt as the Red Army's "Union Division Building". In order to carry forward the spirit of the Red Army, the Huining people renovated the Huishi Building, expanded the exhibition hall of revolutionary cultural relics, and in 1986 built this memorial tower of 28.78 meters, a total of 11 floors.   Then the lecturer, Mr. Li, led us to visit the Victory Memorial Hall of the Long March of the Red Army. This is a memorial hall that vividly records the long march of the Chinese Red Army, and also a memorial hall that records the major revolutions of the Chinese revolution. Its main body is a two-storey exhibition hall, which is divided into three units: The Long March of the Red Army to Shaanxi and Gansu, the Victory End of the Long March of the Three Main Red Army Communities, and The Construction of Red Hot Soil by Promoting the Long March Spirit. Each unit follows the different Long March routes of the Red Army, the Second Army and the Fourth Army, with rich pictures and s. The simulated story scenes as the main body, supplemented by sound, light, electricity and other multimedia means, fully demonstrated the glorious fighting process of the Red Army, vividly reproduced the magnificent scene of Huining Master. Liupanshan is the last big mountain that the Chinese Red Army of Workers and Peasants crossed during the Long March. Mao Zedong wrote the famous poem "Qingping Yue Liupanshan" here, which made Liupanshan famous all over the world. Liupanshan Memorial Hall of the Long March of the Red Army is located on the main peak of Liupanshan in Guyuan City. Following the pace of the commentators, we visited hundreds of cultural relics in the Long March of the Red Army and browsed historical pictures. We stopped to listen to the revolutionary reasons of the Long March of the Red Army in Guyuan, the Western Expedition of the Red Army in Ningxia, Mao Zedong and other central leading comrades'activities in Guyuan. I feel the perseverance of the Red Army's Long March. The wax scene of the "Hui-Han family" in the museum and the huge picture background of the Hui people warmly welcoming the arrival of the Red Army and supporting the work of the Red Army make us deeply appreciate the blooming of the national unity in Ningxia. The guns, grenades and other relics displayed here, together with touching revolutionary stories, continue to tell the world the story of the Red Army's courage and firm revolutionary spirit of "fearing no difficulty in the long march and waiting for leisure in thousands of rivers and mountains". The Liupanshan Memorial Hall, focusing on the time and route of the Long March of the Central Red Army, shows the whole process of the Long March. The Long March is a group of people fighting for survival, an ideal and unyielding. We should bear in mind the history of the Long March and, more importantly, the ideals, beliefs and spirit it left us. To carry forward the spirit of the Long March, we must learn the Red Army's flexible and mobile strategic technology, and strive to cultivate innovative consciousness and enhance practical ability. Because today's society needs talented people with innovative consciousness, practical ability and creative spirit, we should keep our country's future in mind and shoulder the heavy responsibility of the times. We should not only do our own work well, but also enhance our innovative ability. We should persist in making great ambitions, being good people, being able people and strengthening people, and strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Through this visit and study, the party members'patriotism and the spirit of hard struggle have been strengthened, which has increased their confidence in future life and work, and the spirit of revolutionary martyrs has been imparted to every party member, deepening the patriotism of the party.  

2019年6月18日Yang Meiluo, Vice Chairman of Xianyang CPPCC and his delegation

Investigation on Baota Mountain Paint by Yang Meilei, Vice Chairman of Xianyang Political Consultative Conference Promoting the Reform of Mixed Ownership in Enterprises On the morning of June 28, 2019, in order to speed up the reform of mixed ownership of enterprises in Xingping City, Vice Secretary of the CPPCC Party Group, Vice Chairman Yang Meiler, Standing Committee of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, Chairman of the Proposal Committee, Mu Yali, Member of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, Vice Chairman of the Proposal Committee Cheng Aifang, Chairman of the Office of the CPPCC Proposal Committee Sun Beixing, came to the pagoda. Shanlacquer survey was accompanied by Hou Zhongyuan, chairman of Xingping Municipal Consultative Conference, Liu Danjing, director of the office of the Municipal Consultative Conference, Xu Jianxi, director of the Bureau of Market Supervision, Shi Chaoyang, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Wang Lei, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Finance Bureau. Yang Penggang, general manager of Baota Mountain Paint, on behalf of Baota Mountain Paint and all staff, warmly received the government leaders who came to investigate. The leaders of the Xianyang Administrative Coordination Research Group, through the investigation of the enterprises visited in this visit, understand the construction and development of Baota Mountain Paint in the new period of the industry, grasp the basic situation of the reform of mixed ownership of Baota Mountain Paint, integrate state-owned capital and other ownership capital in an orderly manner, and innovate ways to promote the reform of mixed ownership. Some constructive opinions and suggestions were put forward. As the only provincial enterprise technology center in the paint industry of Shaanxi Province, Baota Mountain Paint has achieved remarkable results in recent years in promoting the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises, promoting win-win and common development of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and carrying out poverty alleviation with precise poverty alleviation characteristics. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "to actively develop the mixed ownership economy, emphasizing the cross-ownership and integration of state-owned capital, collective capital and non-public capital is an important form of realization of the basic economic system, which is conducive to the enlargement of the functions of state-owned capital, preservation and appreciation, and improvement of competitiveness." This is an effective way and inevitable choice to uphold the dominant position of public ownership and enhance the vitality, control and influence of state-owned economy under the new situation. It fully affirms the purpose, significance, status and role of developing mixed ownership economy, and provides a fundamental follow for the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises in the new era. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Baota Mountain Paint has developed rapidly. Baota Mountain Paint will adhere to the original intention, continue to innovate, march forward bravely, towards a higher, farther, bigger and stronger goal, strive to achieve the enterprise vision of "creating fine coatings, founding a hundred-year enterprise", and compose a more magnificent chapter of China's National Coatings industry!

In the 2009 China Coatings Summit Forum, Baota Mountain Paint won three awards again!

In the 2009 China Coatings Summit Forum, Baota Mountain Paint won three awards again! On June 22, 2019, the China Paint Summit Forum and Waterproof Industry Summit Forum, sponsored by Buying Plastics and Huizheng Information, was successfully held in Platinum Hotel, Hongqiao Greenbelt, Shanghai. Yang Penggang, general manager of Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd. and Xu Lide, general manager of Shanxi Baotashan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the event. At the same time, in the 15th influential brand event of paint industry, Baota Mountain Paint once again won three awards: the influential brand of anticorrosive coatings, the outstanding brand of exterior wall painting and the solution of innovative materials by virtue of its excellent quality and profound industry influence. The theme of this forum is "Kinetic Energy Upgrading and Digital Sharp Change of Cohesion", in order to promote the paint industry in the trend of consumption upgrading, to open up the s between industries, internal and external, to upgrade kinetic energy, to use digital technology, to improve the efficiency of traditional industries, and to promote the scale of emerging industries. Market Upgrading Xu Lide, General Manager of Baotashan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., with his rich experience in the construction coatings industry, delivered a keynote speech on "Application of Inorganic Coatings in Architecture" in this forum on product quality procurement and new material application innovation. With more and more stringent requirements on the performance and environmental protection of building coatings, inorganic coatings, as coatings synthesized with new material formulations, are increasingly favored by major coatings enterprises because of their advantages of low carbon and environmental protection. The development of decorative coatings has been involved in diversification, fashion and personalization. The most important thing is to be healthy. In the face of the huge blank market lost by low-grade products, the rise of inorganic coatings will also bring innovation power to the construction industry. Upgrading of thinking In 2019, China's paint industry has entered a new historical node, opening a new era of high-end paint manufacturing industry in China. As the most valuable annual festival in the industry, the annual festival in the paint industry will attract a large number of industry elites. Through the intense ideological collision of the summit forum, we can gain insight into the new ecology, break through the new pattern, and promote quality upgrading and wisdom innovation. Yang Penggang, General Manager of Baota Mountain Paint, was invited to attend the China Coatings Summit Forum on Industrial Coatings. At the forum, a number of industry experts, scholars and business representatives spoke actively, and made in-depth discussions on industrial painting, environmental protection coatings and other fields. With the weak growth of building coatings market, industrial coatings are becoming a new starting point. The future of industrial coatings bears the future of China's industrial development. As a service provider of high-end manufacturing industry, Baota Mountain Paint always takes the mission of "beautifying the environment and benefiting the society" as its mission to move forward to the road of high-end industrialization. "Environmental protection and intelligence" is the inevitable development direction of industrial painting. Baotashan Paint has been working hard for 60 years. It has performed well in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Potala Palace, Vanke Group, Green Group, Vigorous Tianjun, Zhongji Jiangmen and other industrial and architectural painting projects and won a lot of recognition. Quality Upgrade Excellent quality achieves national brand. In the influential brand event of the paint industry in 2019, Baota Mountain Paint won three awards of the influential brand of the paint industry in 2019, namely, the influential brand of anticorrosive coatings, the outstanding brand of exterior wall painting and the solution of innovative materials, relying on the outstanding contribution made in the industry and architectural painting field in the past year. Finally, the meeting ended with warm applause. Baota Mountain Paint won three awards this time. It is not only the recognition of the quality of Baota Mountain Paint in the industry, but also the testimony of the excellent achievements of Baota Mountain Paint by the vast number of users and partners. The accumulated technological innovation is responsible for the future of human civilization. In the future, the development of coatings will inevitably be environment-friendly and resource-saving, and the development direction of intellectualization of painting integration. Baota Mountain Paint will take this award as an opportunity to continue to promote the prosperity of the coatings industry, guide the coatings enterprises to develop towards branding and innovation, and strive for the magnificent cause of Chinese coatings.



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